1944 Royal Ladies Bicycle ‘Model de Luxe’

1944 Royal Ladies Bicycle ‘Model de Luxe’



Most small British bicycle companies have not been well served by historians. If a manufacturer was not famous for racing or otherwise well-connected, it would most likely disappear without a trace once it ceased trading.


Likewise its products. This Royal bicycle is a typical example.

Though it’s in good unrestored condition, a 1940′s ladies cycle such as this has no great resale value, and would invariably only be kept for sentimental value.

Nevertheless, this particular bicycle does, indirectly, have one asset that makes it important historically. Below you can see its original bill of sale.



It was supplied by T.J.H. Morgan, Motor & Cycle Agents, opposite Goodmayes Station, on 4th November 1944, to Miss O. Sullivan of Mansfield Park Rd, Ilford, Essex. She paid £9 5/-

Whereas motorcycles and cars were registered and, therefore, invariably had logbooks to record their history, bicycles, of course, had no such bureaucratic requirements. From a historic viewpoint this means it is much harder to date them and log their existence.

Bicycles saw a lot of service on the home front during the war. The Raleigh illustrated above is being used by a nurse.