1950s Rochet Lady’s Bicycle


1950s Rochet Bicycle

21″ Frame

26″ Wheels


This very attractive postwar French bicycle was made by one of France’s renowned manufacturers.

It’s blessed with styling excesses typical of the ‘fashionable’ upmarket cycle makers of the era. This was a time when many French manufacturers saw their machines as artistic statements, some of their showrooms even being sited in the streets famous for top French fashion houses.

Observe the fancy lugwork and mudguards.




Paris, France

Cycles Rochet was one of France’s early bicycle manufacturers. The company was originally from Lyons, starting as stonecutters before moving into cycle manufacture in the 1890s. The Paris showrooms were opened in 1903. Its factory, at Albert, Somme, was destroyed in 1914.



This bicycle is in fair all-round condition, but would benefit from a service and tidying before being used.

The paintwork is tired, and is either original or an older respray. It retains all its important components: handlebar grips, levers, lights, toolbag, rear carrier, items that all too often have been misplaced or replaced sixty odd years down the road.

The saddle is an upmarket Wolber.