1920 Hendee Mfg Co – Indian Ladies Roadster

1920 Hendee Mfg Co – Indian Ladies Roadster Model 154





This Lady is a companion for my 1928 Indian ‘Motobike’ men’s bicycle.

The Indian sprocket (chainwheel) is very distinctive.


Plenty of work has gone into getting her on the road…


…because this little honey was born on the wrong side of the tracks. See how she looked when I bought her.



When you see websites of bicycles in their glory it’s sometimes easy to forget the work enthusiasts (and their friends!) put in to get them to that state.









The company name changed from Hendee Mfg Co to Indian Motocycle Co on 26th October 1923. So you can tell at a glance whether an Indian bicycle is pre or post-1923.



The Indian was fitted out using period parts from British bikes to replace what was missing.



There was only one broken wooden wheel when she arrived, so we fitted metal British wheels with an Eadie Coaster rear hub.