1930 Hercules Popular Model OA 21″ Lady’s Tourer


1930 Hercules Popular Model OA 21″ Lady’s Tourer


On the matter of clothing alone, the bicycle enables the modern girl to follow entirely her own ideas as to what is sensible and comfortable dress. A cycling girl may, within reason, wear anything from the daintiest frock to an out-and-out man’s suit, complete with collar and tie, when she may receive glances of admiration and interest, but never of surprise. The bicycle has always made the most sensible clothing the right clothing. It introduced rational dress, and re-introduced it during the war, when the ‘land-girls’ took it up. It was the bicycle that popularized women’s ‘shorts,’ now so widely used in tennis and other sports. And it was the bicycle that so emancipated women that they could travel the roads without anyone thinking it odd.

- ‘Modern Eve and Her Cycle’



My friend Tony restored this charming little Hercules for his wife many years ago. When she gave up cycling, he sold it to me for my partner to use.


I put on a Terry’s mattress saddle for extra comfort. My partner is a bit fussy about riding vintage bicycles. She doesn’t like riding ‘oily rags’ as I do, which is a typical ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ type of thing. For example, I love the fact that this bicycle still has its original chain-case showing the HERCULES name (above), and an interesting front light (below). She likes the fact that it rides well and that the paint is good.



We both agree that it’s a very pretty bike.





Bicycles had become the ultimate female fashion accessory by the 1930s. Even then, women were under pressure to maintain trim figures. But rather than promoting slimming aids, advertising agencies recommended cycling! The article ‘Modern Eve and Her Cycle’ (below) is typical of the time..











The nickel handlebars are in very good condition, and the functional dynamo-powered lights are an attractive style.