1902 Ivel No 5 Lady’s Safety



Dan Albone was one of the cycle industry’s renowned innovators, but there are only a handful of known survivors of the Ivel marque. Ray Miller recently wrote an excellent book ‘Dan Albone: Cyclist, Inventor & Manufacturer’ which I thoroughly recommend. I bought a copy of Ray’s book last summer, little expecting to actually own an Ivel bicycle.

So discovering an original example of the Ivel marque for sale was an exciting experience. My friend Paul Farren in Australia offered it for sale to me; it was previously owned by Gill Head of Tasmania, who had it for many years. This bicycle became known to the Veteran Cycle Club in 1990, with rumours at the time that it had been found on a rubbish tip in New Zealand.

After Paul shipped it to me and I’d put it back together, I took it to Ray’s house near Cambridge for a photoshoot next to his 1901 Ivel Gent’s.



1902 Ivel No 5 Lady’s Safety

26″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No 7934


Although the frame number 7934 on this Ivel could mean 1901 manufacture, the brake fittings are those illustrated in the 1902 catalogue. The photos shown here are as I received the bike from Australia. The tyres are Australian Dunlops. In due course, I’ll fit a rear Bowden brake and abbreviate the front mudguard.






Compare the 1902 illustration, above, with the 1901 below. The handlebars and brakes were updated for 1902.
























 1902 IVEL LADY’S v 1901 IVEL GENT’S

Ray’s 1901 Ivel Gent’s is a top of the range lightweight machine, in contrast to the solid conservative styling of the Lady’s model. It’s interesting to consider that they could have been in the factory at the same time, in which case this would most likely be their first time reunited.