1912 Racycle Roadster ‘Model 174’


The Racycle, built by the Miami Cycle & Mfg Co, had many unique features that separated it from the rest of the crowd. Its top-of-the-range Pacemaker model had optional spring forks and a large chainwheel. The Roadster, featured here, was the regular model. Unlike most American bicycles, which were fitted with wooden wheels, the Racycle used metal wheel rims so it could be fitted with normal pneumatic Clincher tyres. The Miami Cycle & Mfg Co bought the Flying Merkel brand in 1911 and Flying Merkel bicycles and motorcycles first appeared in Miami catalogues halfway through 1912, boosting the profile of the company.


1912 Racycle Roadster ‘Model 174’

Kelly Adjustable Handlebars

28″ Metal Wheels


THE GOOD: A rare American model with an excellent reputation. Rare Kelly Adjustable Handlebars. Ready to ride.

THE BAD: The bottom bracket needs attention; there’s no locking nut. The handlebars have been repaired. It needs repainting. The saddle leather has broken at the nose. I turned the adjustable handlebars upside down into racing position, but that clashes with the pull-up front brake; the brake functions well, but if a front brake is to be used the handlebars should ideally fit upwards.