1915 WW1 Style Roadster with Military Fittings





WW1 Style Military Roadster with Territorial Fittings

BSA Three Speed Gears

26″ Frame

28″ Wheels


1918 WW1 Military Bicycle 05

BSA Territorial copy

Many different manufacturers supplied bicycle for military use during the Great War. Some territorial cyclist battalions placed bulk orders with individual manufacturers; in others, cyclists supplied their own bicycles.

As well as the standard military models, officers also placed individual orders with a company if they wished for extra specifications above the standard issue. Hire purchase was available for officers upon enlistment. This roadster with BSA gears, War Office 2nd Pattern style rifle clips and Territorial fittings is an example of a typical Cyclist Battalion machine.

The bicycle is cosmetically unrestored and has been well used in its lifetime. The paintwork is faded and the head transfer is visible, though the maker is unknown. It’s not a BSA, but is of the style used during The Great War. It’s fitted with BSA handlebar grips, frame bag, inflator pump and rear carrier rack and is ready to display, to use for WW1 commemorations, and for regular riding.