1932 Legnano Military Folding Bicycle



I’ve found it difficult to research this model of Italian military folding bicycle because very little has been written about it, indeed one book on the Bianchi folding military bicycle mis-describes the Legnano as a Bianchi!

It would appear that this design was approved by the Italian ministry after 1930, and Legnano made this model for the Bersaglieri Italian Cyclist Troops for a few years in the late 1930s, but after that Bianchi resumed with their previous design. I have only discovered a few other survivors of this model, in museums in Italy.

1932 Legnano Military Folding Bicycle

19″ Frame

24″ Wheels with Solid Military Tyres

This rare machine is in good all-round condition. It has been restored. I’ve ridden it and it rides well, with the suspension front and rear forks operating efficiently. I’ve not been able to locate a catalogue picture of the exact model, only an illustration of Legnano’s 1920s non-folding military bicycle, below, which is completely different.