1869/1870 Velocipede for Restoration



1869/1870 Velocipede for Restoration



WIDTH: 21.5″

(Now sold)

This incomplete original velocipede is waiting for a metalworker to bring it back to life.
The missing parts are the top spring and saddle, wheels, pedals and handlebar grips.
Wheels can be ordered from a wheelwright, repro saddles and pedals are available, and grips can be made from tops of vintage wooden tools such as chisels or files.
The handlebar swivels to turn the fork, as you can see in the final few photos, but it will not rotate. I’ve not tried to remove the handlebar from the top steering bolt; I expect it will require soaking and/or heat.
As you can see from my photos, the metal is in good condition, which is why this original 148-year-old bicycle is worth preserving.