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Page 347. 1927 Raleigh Gents Model Superbe Cross Frame

1927 Raleigh Gents Model Superbe Cross Frame

…in Wonderfully Original Condition and Ready to Ride



24″ Frame

28″ WHEELS – Roman Rims, still fitted with the original 28″ x 1 1/2 Dunlop Roadster tyres.

Sturmey-Archer Model KC Tricoaster Hub.

Brooks Saddle and Accessories: Bell, Raleigh Inflator Pump, Rear Carrier, Full Lighting Set.

Original Transfers (Decals) Intact: Front mudguard, Headstock, Chaincase, Rear Mudguard.

Most of the original pin-striping is also intact.

Original handlebar grips in below-average but usable condition (reproduction grips easily available if required).

This 84-year-old Raleigh was the top-of-the-range model for its year. It is in amazingly original condition, with transfers and striping still showing and original paint.

As you can see from the 1927 Raleigh catalogue reproduced below, Roman rims were fitted as standard, with Dunlop tyres. This machine still has its original specification Dunlop Roadster tyres, which are a little cracked but usable.

At the time a customer could choose either a Brooks saddle, or a Terry’s Patent Spring saddle as mentioned in the catalogue. When I bought this bicycle it had the Terry’s fitted, but I preferred a Brooks. I still have the Terry’s (which is in very good condition). So – just as in 1927 – the successful purchaser may choose either option, Brooks (as seen in the photos) or the Terry’s.

I’ve not tested the lights, but you can jump on the bike and ride it home.

The Superbe is a quality machine, and one of the top-selling bicycles of its day. The originality of this particular Raleigh (and accessories) makes it highly desirable. It will look good in any show or display, and will also provide a reliable mount for runs or local commuting.

Worldwide delivery is available.




The chaincase cover did not fit well so I have replaced it, as you can see in the photos below.