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1921 Raleigh Model C Lady’s Roadster

1921 Raleigh Model C Lady’s Roadster

This 90-year-old ‘All-Steel’ Raleigh was one of the top-selling bicycles of the era, being very well-made by Great Britain’s leading manufacturer, and also being competitively priced.

This example is not bright and shiny, but is very well-preserved and still bearing its original paintwork.

The original box-lining is also intact, as you can see ion the photos below.

The nickel handlebars are in very good condition.

The Raleigh transfer (decal) still shows on the headstock and remains of the box lining can be seen.

The Raleigh name is inscribed into the pedal cranks.

It has a string dress-guard over the rear mudguard.

These photos show it when I purchased the bicycle, last week. I will have the bicycle serviced, and fit the distinctive ‘R’ front lamp bracket (attached to the handlebars).