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Page 283. 1919 BSA Gents 28″ Heavy Roadster Bicycle (Double Top Tube)

1919 BSA Gents 28″ Heavy Roadster Bicycle

with Double Top Tube

Model 7D – with BSA Three-Speed hub and two BSA Rolling Lever Brakes

28″ Wheels

Ready to Ride



This very large vintage BSA belongs to my friend Tony the bicycle mechanic. He bought it as a project without wheels or mudguards. He repainted it, built wheels, added the necessary parts and has ridden it frequently over the past few years. Tony loves these double top tube BSA’s and he’s had many of them over the years. However, although he is 6′ 1″ he has a short inside leg so it is just a bit too big for him. Now he has asked me to sell it for him.

As you would expect from a bike mechanic, the Heavy Roadster BSA is built to ride, so is mechanically excellent, with superb brakes that stop it on a sixpence. You can jump on this bike – assuming you’re tall enough, that is – and ride it for hundreds of miles without trouble.

This size frame would be suitable for someone with a leg size of 34″ or more. (Leg size for a bicycle is measured from the crotch to ankle, the same as measuring for trousers when ordering a suit). The BSA is ideal for a rider height over 6′.






























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