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Page 685. 1964 NSU Quick 50

1964 NSU Quick 50

Good Condition.

Older Restoration

New MOT 

One Family Owned from New!

Original Logbook, Hire Purchase Agreement, Handbook

Older Restoration



Dear NSU Rider!

…You have surely chosen a Quick 50 because you have special confidence in a motor cycle built by NSU.

Your new machine will readily justify your choice; however, it asks that you treat it properly because mutual trust is always the best foundation for long friendship.

- NSU Quick 50 handbook




These dodgy-looking characters attempting nonchalance around a Quick 50 seem to have been inspired by sixties album covers. There’s definitely something reminiscent there of Eric Burden and the Animals.

Goodness me. Some more groovy folks below, standing to attention behind a Quick 50. Apparently much cheaper to get four fellows from the German equivalent of Central Casting to hold up pictures of (what I assume to be) celebrities than to pay the actual celebrities themselves. Someone obviously got a bonus at NSU’s advertising agency for that masterstroke.





I bought this wonderful and very rare machine from Martin. It had great sentimental value to his family.

His grandad had purchased it new in 1964, from Westland Cycles & Motors of Exeter. He couldn’t afford to buy it outright; as you can see from the original hire purchase agreement, his grandad was aged 52 at the time, and worked as a garage hand. Nevertheless, the NSU Quick 50 was a very special machine in the early sixties, and was his grandad’s dream motorcycle. So Martin’s grandmother allowed him to buy it.

The NSU was subsequently taken off the road and, in 1976, Martin’s father took over ownership. His father subsequently decided to rebuilt it, and you can see the results of his efforts in the photos below.

So this is an older restoration, very presentable and usable as it is, though the paintwork is scratched in places. The chrome handlebars are rusty. The wheels and seat are in good condition. It passed its MOT recently.

When sold, the NSU will be serviced. For an international customer, I can dismantle the machine, and box it up and ship it worldwide by fedex in the same way that I ship bicycles.
This is the third Quick 50 I’ve owned in the past 25 years. The first was complete; I sold it in 1992. I sold the second one, a basket case, in 2008. I’d love to keep this one, but I have a serious vintage bicycle addiction and have to sell more than I keep.
This is a rare opportunity to purchase such a machine. There are not many left – even in Germany – and everyone knows how rare and valuable they are.
The original documents are of course included in the sale, an irreplaceable part of its history. It is not registered at DVLA, as its last MOT and logbook entry were in 1976, prior to DVLA computerisation.
Good luck! If you have any questions, please phone or email me as below.







 The original handbook (above), logbook (below) and H.P agreement (below that) are included in the sale.


















Here’s the model range…


















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