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Page 493. 1949 NSU Gents Bicycle Model 41

1949 NSU Gents Bicycle Model 41



As a cyclemotor enthusiast for many decades, I started to appreciate NSU’s because of the NSU Quickly. Introduced in 1954, this was the first ‘mo-ped’ (the name being created at this time). A two-speed 50cc motorcycle that was well-built and reliable, the NSU Quickly was so much better than any other low-capacity machine of the day that it made the ‘cycle-attachment’ class of machine obsolete almost overnight: Cyclemasters and Trojan Minimotors and the like were relegated to garden sheds – where they are still often discovered 60 years later -and everyone queued to buy a new mo-ped.

The mo-ped was, of course, just an upgraded bicycle with engine. So I like the fact that this NSU bicycle has many decorative parts – badges, emblems, etc – that were carried over to the NSU Quickly.

This ‘herrenrad’ (gent’s bicycle) was restored about six years ago by a friend of mine in Paris. He did whatever was necessary mechanically, and touched up the paint here and there. After being used for riding for several years subsequently, it has various scratches and scrapes, and some of the brightwork is tarnished, eg the front plunger brake rod and NSU rear hub. However the handlebars and other chrome parts are still good, and the overall impression is very good. It has a full lighting set (untested) and rear carrier, and is fitted with an interesting handlebar-operated bell which works off the front wheel.





































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