1903 Bicyclette Terrot de Dame Modele No 1


1903 Bicyclette Terrot de Dame Modele No 1

with New Preference Coaster Brake

This is a rare and attractive turn-of-the-century Lady’s bicycle from the leading French manufacturer Terrot. Ladies Terrots were fitted with the front brake that you see on this one, Terrot’s unique design …and very advanced for its age. It has also has the optional coaster (back-pedal) brake, so is very practical for riding.


The frame size is 50cm, which is just under 20″ (measured from the middle of the pedals to the top of the seat post).

This is a standard size for old French bikes, suiting a rider with a height of around 5′ to 5′ 2″.

The wheels are its original 26″ wooden ones with metal capping.

It has vintage Michelin Semi-Confort red 650B tyres (26 x 1 1/2 x 1 5/8).

Below you can see the 1903 Terrot Ladies machine with an early gear system, rather than the coaster brake used on the bicycle featured here.




 (Now sold)