1918 WW1 Columbia Military Model

SOUND TO THE CORE: Government engineers officially approved the Columbia Military Model for use in the World War. It is significant of the sturdiness of construction and utter trustworthiness of this model that it was selected as the Standard Bicycle for the United States Army. Completely equipped, finished in distinctive military drab, being of double bar construction and seamless tubes throughout and sound to the core, it is one of the best-value products ever produced by Westfield.

– 1919 Columbia Sales Brochure

1918 WW1 Columbia Military Model

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)

Columbia capitalized on their military production during the war and, for several years after 1918, civilian versions of the Military Model featured in their catalogues.
This example came from France. I’ve just taken four photos of it, as it arrived, and I’ll do a proper photoshoot for it in the next few weeks.