1893 Velo P. Fageot

Nouveautés – Les Cycles en Aluminium Exposition Hygiénique de Lyon septembre et octobre 1891 : P. Fageot Ainé, 51, 53 boulevard du Nord, Lyon. Bicyclette à cadre en aluminium ; monsieur Fageot est le premier constructeur de cycles qui bénéficie de la nouvelle découverte concernant les nouveaux alliages d’aluminium et des procédés de soudure.

The announcement above explained that, in 1891, P. Fageot had introduced a bicycle with aluminium frame.

The distinctive chainwheel on this bicycle is a style that was used by cycle makers based in Lyons, France, between 1892 and 1894. A website dedicated to cycle builders from this area of France illustrates two machines using this chainwheel style, with head badge or transfer (decal) to identify the makers: P. Fageot and L. Martin.

P. Fageot was a leading manufacturer of the time. This bicycle is very well built, incorporating the latest styling and using top quality components. It has a lightweight frame, with fluted pedal cranks and attractive matching rat trap slotted pedals. In this era, French cycle manufacturers usually imported quality components from England. The pedals look like BSA items, though other companies copied the design (with slight differences to avoid patent infringement). BSA parts were sold in France by Brown Bros Paris depot.

1893 Velo P Fageot

21″ Frame

26 x 1 3/4″ Wheels

(Now sold)



51 et 53 boulevard du Nord à Lyon – Rhône














This style of chainwheel was first used on Lawson’s Bicyclette, above. The Coventry Machinist Co’s Swift of 1887 also used this design (below).


1887 SWIFT





Info and images ref Lyons makers thanks to – http://anciensveloslyonnais.weebly.com/xixegraveme-siegravecle-cadot-gervat-tillard–meunier-nicolet-boeuf-rochet-fageot-martin-pour-clore-la-page.html