CYCLE ATTACHMENT ENGINES: 1922 Roue Amovible Motrix Alcyon


1922 Roue Amovible Motrix Alcyon

Unique early model …which does not use a spark plug.

(Now sold)

Alcyon introduced this fascinating machine in 1921 as France’s first ‘moteur-auxiliaire.’ The unit, manufactured in Austria, where it was known as the Austro-Motorette, comprised engine, wheel and front forks, and could be fitted to any bicycle. Alcyon sold it as a complete machine, calling it the Roue Amovible Motrix Alcyon, and it was used in many long-distance road events, including the 806 km 24-hour Bol d’Or of 1922.

This very rare example is in excellent condition. It is the unique early model, which does not use a spark plug: instead there is a direct spark under the barrel. As you can see, it even retains the original Motrix badge on the front.


Compare the Alcyon Motrix, above, with the Austro-Motorette, below.