If you have opened this page, you’ve made a minor mistake that happens all the time on websites.

It’s all about either scrolling over a page at the top (which is what you need to do to reach the page you’re looking for)

or clicking on it.

Some require a ‘scroll’ with your cursor, others require a click.

Scrolling over nested pages takes a bit of getting used to; but hey, so does riding a vintage bicycle 🙂

For example, if you examine the picture below (of this website) you can see that to reach the page of the 1895 Crypto Bantam,

you need to just scroll your cursor over BIKES 1800s – not click on it. This enables you to see the pages nested inside it.

Then again scroll your cursor over its subsidiary page 1894-1895.

Then click on the required page 1895 Crypto Bantam.

Thanks for your perseverance.