Iver Johnson Sporting Goods

Iver Johnson Sporting Goods Co,

Cornhill, Boston, Mass.

In 1900 Iver Johnson bought the John P. Lovell Arms Co and with the increased catalogue, operated as Iver Johnson Sporting Goods. During the 20th century, Iver Johnson Sporting Goods Co became a large supplier of items manufactured by different companies. The Sporting Goods division was located in the Iver Johnson Building, on the corner of Cornhill and Washington St, seen above. (This area of Boston is now the site of the City Hall Plaza). Below: Cornhill, early 20th century

Iver Johnson ‘Snocraft’ Snowshoes

These snowshoes are a typical example…

As you can see above, they bear a Snocraft stamp as well as an Iver Johnson supplier plaque.

Snocraft was a company based in Norway, Maine, USA, a town that was known as the Snowshoe Capital of the World.

Garland Manufacturing Company was founded in 1866, by James G. Garland, and incorporated seven years later, in 1873. It was originally called the Loom Picker Company, after its primary product, pickers for the textile industry. Pickers, made from water buffalo hide due to the toughness of the material, were used to weave cloth by moving the shuttle from one side of the loom to the other. In 1899, the company began manufacturing rawhide mallets from water buffalo hide and is today the world’s premier producer of mallets and soft-faced hammers.

In 1950, Garland Manufacturing Company acquired Snocraft Company, located in Norway, Maine. At the time, Snocraft’s sole employee repaired snowshoes manufactured for troops during World War II. Over the course of the following 24 years, employment at Snocraft increased to fifty and the product line expanded to include wooden toboggans, snowshoes and packaged wooden ski sets for children. This division was sold in 1974.

Iver Johnson Tools

Iver Johnson tools were manufactured for their bicycle and motorcycle range, as well as their range of guns. This screwdriver and spanner are ready to install in the toolbag of my Iver Johnson Truss Frame Racer.