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So, you find an interesting old bike and buy it. You research it and become more interested in the marque, as well as its era. You meet other enthusiasts with similar interests, and collect more. Then what? You can only ride so many bikes at once. What’s the point of leaving your bikes gathering dust in a garage or shed where nobody can share them? A camera, computer, scanner and basic internet skills solves the issue. Join an internet forum, yahoo group, or create your own blog, and your collection can be online for others to see. Our vintage hobbies need new enthusiasts. I hope this inspires you to build your collection and start restoring.

A website is a creative entity that never stops growing. This one started with just my BSA bicycles, but soon developed into a database for military bicycles in general. It may change again. I create these online museums in my spare time, somehow fitting them in between work, parenting and sleep. As I come across more information, I add it.

Though this is the ‘information age’ information is not available for everything. Most bicycles are hard to identify, and BSA bicycles are notoriously difficult to date accurately. There are no existing factory records and frame numbers were not sequential.

Online BSA & Military Bike Museum